#DIPLab Bleuets

In-Dialog is proud to announce the opening of the DIPLab, DIP for Discovery, Initiation and Prototyping.


Based on the FabLab principle, we propose a local prototyping space where we will be holding different cycles of workshops to familiarize the local community with the digital tools that the lab has : a 3d Printer, a CNC X-Carve and a vinyle plotter.


More info on the Facebook page of the DIPLab Bleuets

#Babel V2 Photos and exhibitions

Photos from the "Forum des Arts" at St Malo (May 2016) and "Les Nocturnes des Ferries Numériques" (July-August 2016)

#Babel V2 Work In Progress

#Babel V2 Work In Progress



We are continuing our research in to the collective memory of a space. Our new prototype this time reflects the virtual power of immaterial networks to share ideas, opinions and experience events collectively. The scenery is computer generated pattern that takes live input from vines and relays it to spacial coordinates. In essence the algorithm creates a virtual landscape on which we come and add a layer of sounds or recording. The aim of this installation is to create curiosity and to expose us to the overvaluing  amount of testimonies that people produce every day online. 


The tower of Babel is one of the most expressive anecdote that captures the path of civilisations.  In human history we see the same patter, repeating in three stages over and over again:


The first faze is when the buildings blocks are laid and a common language and identity is created. This  identity is based on a mutual civic code.


The second step is the peek of that system when the individual and the cluster are in accord and one sustains the other.


The last stage is the imbalance of the system. It is created when the individual becomes more important then the collective. This creates division and reconfiguration that will later become the bases for other systems.



Each peeks of human civilisations has been based on the previous ones and a natural rhythm is generated by this evolution system. We interpreted this logic in a computer-generated code that produced a final tower based on previous versions of its self. The compiled code is based on this logic:


#Babel V1

#Babel work in progress  


Sense_part1 3d
Structure Sensor building scan

 Sorry no sound yet work in progress.




#The palace of social obedience 

Using  augmented reality technology to generate a narrative that imagines  spaces that will be used to create tools of dominance and oppression. 

We chose the idea of an augmented reality prison for its historical link to mind alternating experiments that undergo in some of the facilities worldwide. Also we acknowledge the increase  in incarceration flowing the wave of islamofibia that hit the general population. We wanted to see what could bee a future urban prison that deals with "enemies of state".

Installation Video Mapping Halloween Party
Installation Video Mapping Halloween Party
Emotion tracking experiment
Installation event mapping -Plexiglass and transparent paper
Installation event mapping -Plexiglass and transparent paper